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Al Fayha Aluminium Factory L.L.C. has developed a Quality Management System based on 9001:2015 requirements.

Our Environmental Policy, conforms to the objectives of ISO 14001. The Environmental Management Standard is based on a commitment to sustainable development in product design, i.e. to protect the environment, minimise the waste of renewable
and non-renewable resources and reduce energy consumption as part of a continuous improvement programme.

Throughout its product developments, activities and services, the company will endeavour to minimise any adverse impact on the environment by means of pollution prevention, and energy and water conservation. In return this will save costs,
increase operational efficiency and improve quality of products and services, as well as maintain a safe environment for the community as a whole and a healthy workplace for our employees.

  • Every endeavour will be made to ensure that AFAF meets its responsibilities by conforming to all applicable environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Prime consideration will be given to the prevention of pollution and the elimination of waste and emissions at source whenever production processes or AFAF facilities are reorganised.
  • Customers and suppliers will be encouraged to support the same objectives by minimising environmental impact through waste and reducing energy consumption whenever possible.
  • Management will set continuous improvement targets on a regular basis based on risk assessment reviews and other factors. Reviews will be undertaken to identify progress towards these targets and set further targets for subsequent periods.
  • AFAF will inform and educate all individuals working for or on behalf of the company, about environmental issues.
  • This policy will be displayed at company office entrances and on the company website www.al-fayha.com